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Our Team

President & Founder

Mike Hughes

Mike is the president and founder of All Pro Remodeling Corp. He started a company with a focus on customer satisfaction that has grown under his leadership into one of the most respected home improvement companies on Long Island. Mike runs the company he founded with the same passion and focus on his customers that has led to its success, never wavering from that belief that satisfied customers are the foundation on which you should build a company. For over thirty six years he has continued to work hard every day to build that trust so that you can be assured you will get the highest quality parts and materials.

Marketing and Estimating

Tom Hughes

Tom Graduated from the New York Institute of Technology in 2017 with a BS in Business Management with a minor in Finance & marketing. He understands the process of the remodeling projects we offer, which allows him to better help our staff give our customers what they need and to form our marketing and estimating strategies.


Jeff Cash

Jeff is another twenty plus year industry veteran. In that time, he has earned a well deserved reputation for sincerity, thoroughness and consistency that make him an expert at estimating exterior remodeling services and keeps his customers calling back for more work.

Project Manager & Exterior Remodeling

Tom Hughes

Tom is Mike’s youngest son and has been working in the industry since 2012. Starting as a helper has allowed him to work his way up while understanding what it takes to do the job and do it right so that the customer is happy. Tom runs the day to day operations for All Pro, including scheduling and overseeing the projects getting done.


Evan Wood

Evan has been in this business for over twenty five years, most of that with All Pro. In addition to sales and estimating, he performs many of the essential functions that keep All Pro moving, helping to run the office and managing the jobs he sells.

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Customers Love Us

"The work that All Pro did on my home was fantastic and the way they stand up for the material and their installation is unbelievable. I would show their work on my house for anyone interested"


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All Pro Remodeling Corp. is a Long Island based exterior and interior remodeling company focused on one main goal: to provide complete customer satisfaction for each client we work with.

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