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Long Island Owens Corning AttiCat® Insulation Installation Service

When a home needs better insulation, the prime area to start is in the attic. A blown-in fiberglass type of attic insulation is the best option, especially from a quality manufacturer like Owens Corning.

Since heat rises, attic insulation creates the barrier needed to keep the treated air inside where it's needed. Many homes have missing or insufficient insulation. This can result in ice dam problems, cold walls and rooms, high energy bills, and an uncomfortable indoor environment.

Let us inspect the insulation currently in your home and recommend the right remedy. If you have missing insulation or need more added, our Long Island roofing contractors can install Owens Corning AttiCat® insulation. If you want to install Owens Corning AttiCat® insulation in Long Island, call All Pro Remodeling Corp.

Professional AttiCat® Installation

All Pro Remodeling Corp. has been installing insulation in the Long Island area since 1987. As professional Long Island roofing contractors with decades of experience, you can count on superior service every time.

Our family owned business loves to help local families improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Adding insulation is a great home improvement project that will increase the value of your home and make it much more comfortable. Let us help you achieve these results today.


Why We Install Owens Corning AttiCat® Insulation

Proper insulation is a key, but often overlooked, part of a well-balanced roofing system. Since the insulation we use is blown in, an entire attic worth can be done in less than about 4 hours time. This means less interruption to your life.

The fiberglass insulation is self-expanding, meaning it fluffs as it is added to the attic spaces. Air pockets are created throughout, adding to the R-value. According to Owens Corning, their AttiCat® insulation won't settle over time.

AttiCat® insulation can be installed in the tight spaces of your attic. Insulation is often missing near the roof edge and exterior walls. This is a prime cause of ice damming because the heat escaping from the living space into the attic melts the ice and snow from the bottom up instead of the top down. This melted ice and snow then runs down to the gutter areas which are not over the attic space and aren't heated from below so it refreezes. As this new ice builds up at the gutter it blocks other melting ice and snow from getting to the gutter and the refreezing starts to happen on your roof, and eventually it causes that water to come into your home. The Atticat insulation fills the spaces so no more energy is wasted and the roof stays an even temperature.

Special Limited-Time Financing Offer
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Call All Pro Remodeling Corp.
for Owens Corning Roofing in Long Island

Your roof is your first defense against the elements. Why risk it? With All Pro Remodeling Corp. you get a proven Long Island roofing contractor with one of the best track records in the area. As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor we are able to offer the Preferred Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty. Non only does this extend the material portion of the warranty but it includes workmanship backed by Owens Corning when you use Total Protection Roofing Systemâ„¢. Please ask your estimator about this warranty option.

When it comes to roofing, installation is the key. How do you know who to choose for your roof installation? Be careful. Most roofing contractors are not certified installers. Not only are we certified roofing installers but we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

Investing in quality roofing products like the roofing shingles manufactured by Owens Corning can really improve the value of your property. Get the most for your money. Invest in Owens Corning roofing shingles from All Pro Remodeling Corp.. Be sure to check out the Cost vs. Value report below for more information on how investing in a roof replacement is money well spent.

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